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Covid 19 Safety Procedures for attending Salah 

We are pleased to announce the phased reopening of the Centres.

As the coronovirus is still a risk there are new procedures in place to minimise the risk of the virus spreading and ensure the safety of everyone attending. Please familiarise yourself with the following protocols that have been devised by our Committee.

New Procedures

Can I attend the Centre?

If you are fit and healthy and satisfy the conditions below:

  • Do not have an underlying health condition
  • Free of Covid-19 symptoms
  • Are not shielding
  • Are not living with someone who is shielding
  • Do not work on the frontline i.e. in hospitals
  • Have not recently returned to the UK from a country that requires quarantine within the last 14 days
What to bring with you

Please ensure you bring the following items with you.

  • A face mask – this must be worn at all times
  • Prayer mat – Please bring your own prayer mat.
  • A bag for shoes 
  • Your own Quran and Tasbih (optional)
Prior to leaving your work

Ensure you make Wudhu before coming to the centre and maintain it, as the Wudhu and toilet facilities will be closed at the centres

Please ensure you bring the following items:

  • A face mask – this must be worn at all times
  • Your own prayer mat 
  • A bag for shoes 
  • Your own Quran and Tasbih (optional)
Arrival at the Centre
  • Arrive early. Doors open half an hour before prayer. No admittance once salah starts. 
  • Arrive in an orderly manner and assemble upstairs for the Dutch Centre and take care not to disturb the neighbours. Please ensure that you keep social distancing upstairs
  • Face masks must be worn at all times
  • Follow instructions from Trustees and volunteers at all times. Failure to cooperate will result in a refusal to enter.
  • While Salah is taking place at the Dutch Centre please keep 2m apart
  • Be patient.
  • Put your shoes in your bag and keep it with you. Shoe racks will be out of service
  • A one way system will be implemented. Follow the directions into the prayer hall
  • Place your prayer mats on the marked spaces in the prayer halls. Do not pray in any other locations
  • Do not pray Sunnah after the First Salah and after the Second salah if three Jumuah prayers are taking place at the Dutch Centre.